Training is much more than just obeying is all about developing your relationship and working as a team together!

Training should be fun, rewarding, addictive and bonding!

Why train?

To further develop the bond between you and your dog

To be able to live together peacefully in your home

Promote happiness and contentment for both of you

To be able to go for an enjoyable, pleasant walk together

To be able to travel anywhere in the car

To be able to let your dog run free off lead

To be able to have visitors come round and not be mugged!

Plus many many more reasons...........

To know your dog will listen, perform exercises for you when asked and is under control is a great weight off your shoulders.

By offering private individual sessions there is no waiting for your puppy or older dog to be fully vaccinated or for the next course of classes to start.

Training is tailored to you and your dogs needs, there are no set courses of exercises to follow, concentrate on the exercises you and your dog require.

Training sessions are held 10 minutes from São Martinho do Porto just off the N8 between Caldas da Rainha and Alcobaça, either in our enclosed secure outside area or inside in a home environment depending on what training is required.