Require more than straight forward training?

Aggression, fear of noise, people, other dogs, cars etc. chewing & destructiveness, housetraining, barking, digging, guarding food, toys etc. jumping up, chasing, stealing food or other items, begging...............sound familiar?

A lot of what we class as behaviour issues are actually normal canine behaviours that are not compatible with our human way of life! Behaviour problems can often be detrimental to your relationship with your dog, sometimes it can be impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes you may feel your only answer is to relinquish your dog to another home or worse!

Sometimes we don't realise that something can be done to help our dogs, however the majority of problems can be dealt with, either through behaviour modification or management, especially if caught early on. Before you reach the stage where you do not know where to turn or what to do to resolve your dogs issues, work towards finding out what triggers the behaviour and how you can change their behaviour to one more suitable. I can help you understand what is occurring, help you see things from your dogs perspective and work with you and your dog towards a more peaceful, calmer and harmonious relationship.

A detailed history or your dogs behaviour will be required initially, along with a thorough check up by your Veterinary Surgeon to rule out any medical causes. After discussing your dogs problems in depth a plan of action will be put together including training sessions and how to manage the behaviour whilst we teach your dog new alternative behaviours. Full support and guidance will be provided throughout your training sessions and afterwards.

For further information or any queries you may have please contact me.

Price is dependent on each individual case and will be agreed at the outset.

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