Puppy hood (birth till 12/14weeks) is the most important stage of your dogs life, therefore it is very important to start your puppy off on the right paw and help them learn all about the world they are expected to spend the rest of their life in.

Nature designed our dogs to be especially receptive to interactions with people, dogs, places and new experiences whilst they are very young in order for them to grow up being comfortable with everyday elements of their environment. It is normal for our dogs to be cautious of anything perceived as unusual. Anything they do not encounter during this critical time will be deemed odd enough to warrant caution, therefore it is very important to introduce your puppy to as many different things and situations as possible.

When socialising your puppy the different experiences they encounter need to arm them with the right information. They should find their experiences fun and positive, not fearful. As each puppy is an individual it is important to continually assess how your puppy is coping and adjust your socialising as required to ensure they develop into a happy, content, confident well socialised dog.

I can help you provide your puppy with many opportunities to learn about the big wide world and help you in making sure your puppy's experiences go smoothly.

Always remember that socialising does not stop as your puppy reaches adulthood, they need to continue to experience different things for the rest of their life!

Puppy Training

Don't wait for them to learn all those behaviours you don't want, get started as soon as they come home, showing and teaching them what is expected of them.

Here are examples of what can be covered in your private training session:


Basic obedience - Sit, Down, Stand, Walk on a loose lead, Come when called, Go to bed/settle down, Leave, Take it and Give, Sit stay, Down stay

Attentive response to name


Basic manners - Sit to greet people, How to greet other dogs, No begging for food, Wait at doorways, Wait for their dinner

How to deal with mouthing puppies, teaching them bite inhibition

How to play with your puppy

How to prevent stealing, inappropriate digging and barking

How to make sure your puppy chews on the right articles

How to get your puppy used to being handled, examined and groomed

How to get your puppy used to being left home alone

How to prevent your puppy guarding items

Traveling in the car

How to provide your puppy with mental and physical stimulation

Be ready for your puppies next stage in development - Adolescence!

Each session is tailored to you and your dog.

Cost:  €10 for 1 hour.


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