- Camddwr Canine Agility Dog Shop.

  - Great selection of books and DVD's related to dog training, behaviour and health.

Animal Magic - Registered Pet Sitter and Dog Trainer in Gloucestershire UK area.

Hearty Hounds- Dog Trainer in the Lincolnshire/Cambridgshire UK area.

The Kennel Club- UK's largest organisation dedicated to the health and welfare of dogs.

Dog Law - Specialists in Dog Law.

Karen Pryor Clicker Training - For all things clicker related.

TTouch & TTeam UK - Tellington TTouch Training.

The Bowen Technique - A light touch therapy promoting healing, pain-relief and body/energy rebalancing.

Doggone Safe- Dog bite prevention through education.

Kumfi Canine Products - Dog training and canine behavioural aids.

Clicker Zone UK- Great selection of books related to dogs, cats, small pets, birds and horses.

Training Deaf Dogs- Information on training your deaf dog by Barry Eaton.

Mekuti- Canine training products and calming/reducing anxiety products.

Dog Arthritis Blog - Veterinary Information on arthritis.

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