Walking your dog is very important for their health, physically and mentally. Every dog should have daily access to suitable exercise, a stimulating interaction with their owners, plenty of fun and the opportunity to be a dog.

Our Walking/Training Club is for those who:

  • Enjoy taking their dogs to a variety of places
  • Want to be the best thing in the world in their dogs eyes when out and about
  • Want to encourage their dogs to be the perfect social dog when out and about
  • Want to meet other dog owners
  • Want to allow their dogs access to socialise appropriately with other dogs in a controlled environment
  • Want to learn how to have more control of their dog when other dogs or people are present

Training walks are organised for Wednesday mornings on a weekly basis. These walks will include training exercises, play exercises between owners and their dogs and structured greetings with people and other dogs. 

Cost: Registration (one off fee) 10 Euros

         Per training walk 5 Euros

Please contact me to join our Club and enjoy the great benefits from taking part in organised, fun packed, stress free walks along the beautiful Silver Coast.