'My Tibetan Terrier Ash and I regularly attended Sharon's dog training classes at Angelic Dogs Training School. First, obedience clicker training classes and then agility classes. Ash and I learned lots together and it gave me the enthusiasm to carry on the training at home. I have since continued to train Ash with general obedience and some more fun things like tricks. We both loved the agility training and Ash was very quick to learn in the fun environment created by Sharon. Thanks Sharon for all your dedication and hard work which made our time with your Training School so enjoyable.'

Sharon and Ash.

'Syd, a headstrong 'stubborn' young collie who pulled on his lead, has a passion for chasing squirrels and his nose into everything, is still all of these things but through patient coaching from Sharon at Angelic Dogs he will walk to heel when asked, prefer a game of chasing leaves with me and when told to 'leave it' will. We first took Syd to obedience classes building a foundation for communication between us and our dog. Angelic Dogs helps humans understand why dogs react to certain situations by showing us the dogs point of view. Through training both of us, a relationship has formed and I can now read Syd's body language and have an understanding of when he is stressed and can diffuse the situation.

Through agility classes Sharon opened up the possibilities that you can teach a dog anything through patience and rewards, with amazing results and although we have never competed, his agility training has been useful for his everyday walks as he understands different commands.

Angelic Dogs has also offered us valuable support at difficult times. When Syd broke his toe and was driving us crazy with his pent up energy Sharon provided an alternative training program that rested his feet and exercised his brain power. Sharon has also conducted excellent one on one training sessions. If you were to see her sitting in the boot of my car and trying to encourage two young puppies, terrified of the car, to jump in, you would understand her dedication.

Sharon has always offered support trying to understand the exact problems we have had and offering successful solutions. I have never had any hesitation in recommending her to other dog owners.'

Kate and Syd.

'I came to Angelic Dogs as I didn't know what to do and I couldn't see a way forward with my two litter brother Labrador retrievers. Sharon was able to open my eyes to what my dogs needed from me, she was a pure God send. Her techniques are positive and effective and I wouldn't be where I am now without her. Both of my boys are very happy and we have a great relationship.'

Sarah, Denzil and Cookie.

'We would like to say a big thank you for all your help and support with Oscar and Maisie. We have really enjoyed agility and it has been lovely to have something that we can all do together! We will miss our weekly doggy night and I know that Oscar and Maisie will be wondering why they don't get to run and jump around with their doggy friends! I will miss you and all your advice, look out for my emails especially when Maisie has her puppies, I'm sure I will be calling on you for help then! Fondly remember Oscar's noises, especially when getting his nails done! At least before you go Maisie has mastered the weave and Oscar has shed the extra pounds! We will miss you.'

Ruth, Oscar and Maisie.

'I would like to thank you for all your help in training not Buster but us, to train Buster. Your training is so much more than sit, stay, heel, come, it is all of these encompassed in a fun evening that not only the dogs but the owners looked forward to. Clicker training is so useful to teach your dog anything that you want him to learn but in a fun way. Buster can find our car keys, pick up the grandchildrens toys and even play hide and seek (well we hide and he finds). We have recently purchased some chickens and we are using the clicker training to teach Buster to leave and not chase them.'

Tina, Martin and Buster.

'I have a very energetic and boisterous Weimeraner called Murphy. Although his walks would allow him to release his energy I wanted to give him some mental stimulation, preferrably via something I would also find fun! So I hit the internet and found Angelic Dogs training school and enrolled for a course of agility lessons!

I was quite apprehensive when we first started having lessons, as I wanted Murphy to behave and do what I asked of him straight away. Of course, Murphy did not oblige...!! Sharon supported me greatly throughout our sessions and taught me to understand why Murphy behaved in certain ways and subsequently, how to deal with that behaviour! Sharon was extremely patient and I soon learnt that Murphy's more undesirable behaviour was often as a result of the mixed signals I was giving him! It wasn't long into our course that I began to relax and Murphy soon began to learn my commands. This in turn, increased the bond between me and Murphy, which I cannot thank Sharon enough for.

We were sad to see her move abroad! Despite this move however, Sharon has remained at the end of the email and has always offered first class advice/support with any 'doggy' issues we have come across!

I would definately recommend Sharon's services to any dog owner!'

Sarah and Murphy.

'We started working with Sharon in 2006, in the hope that she could help us to become better and more unserstanding owners of two lively Jack Russells - Jazzy and Dylan. We'd undertaken puppy socialisation classes and basic obedience with both our dogs when they pups, but an accident involving a bike had made our youngest dog- Dylan - extremely fearful and typical of a Jack Russell this was being exhibited as fear-aggression when out and about on walks.

We'd endured this for a number of years by making all the wrong decisions - avoiding other dogs, children, bikes etc! This clearly led to exacerbating Dylan's fears and started to rub off on our older dog - Jazzy.

We contacted a number of Canine Behaviour specialists, but immediately on talking to Sharon, we knew she was the one we wanted to work with. Sharon did not baulk at the size of our problem and most importantly for us, she did not make us feel that we were awful owners. Her supportive and gentle approach ensured that we would work closely with her for 3 years (until she moved to Portugal, a very sad day for us!).

The moment Sharon met our two little livewires, we could see that she understands dogs completely. They connected with her instantly and there were immediate changes in their behaviour when she was present. Sharon taught us how to have fun with our dogs again and showed us the brilliance and easy of clicker training as part of a positive approach to shaping rather than forcing new or improved behaviours in our dogs.

Sharon was completely committed to our family from the outset and would do everything possible to fit in with our lives - so we had one-to-one training in our home, around our local walks and on the field behind Sharon's home. Once Dylan was ready to watch other dogs in a class setting, Sharon set up a little area just for him, so he could be socialised from a distance. She was honest in her hopes for Dylan's progress in the future and we knew that it would be a lot of hard but rewarding work to help him have a happier and less fearful experience of the world outside our home.

We now have two happy dogs - yes, Dylan is still wary of other dogs and children, but Sharon gave us the ability to support and guide Dylan through those situations and to understand the world from his perspective.'

Mike, Natasha, Dylan and Jazzy.

'Sharon helped me get through my Gold Good Citizen award with my very strong willed collie, Moss. We managed to pass with flying colours. We also started agility training with her before she moved and we now run in UK Agility in Novice for both performance and steeplechase.'

Lynn and Moss.

'We contacted Sharon as I was unable to walk our chocolate Labrador Millie. Millie is an extremely excitable dog who once on the lead pulled so much whenever she saw someone that she had pulled me over on a few occassions. Sharon showed me techniques to use so that I was able to keep Millies focus on me. Millie will always be an excitable dog but now I am able to use the different techniques that I learnt to calm her down and best of all we are able to go for lovely long family walks without worrying about seeing someone or being pulled over.'

Alice, Rickie and Millie.

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