My name is Lucy and I am a cross bred dog that had an awful 12 months before I was rescued by my new owners Colin and Elaine.

How I used to exist. Tied to a wire.

I had been tethered, ignored and abandoned in a garden with little if any food and water and had only a few feet of movement on the wire and chain restricting me.

The pictures above really show how miserable and fed up I was, all dirty with mange on my back.

When my new owners took me away they tried very hard to help me to adjust to my new world, but this was really frightening to me! As I was only 12 months old at the time I had not been socialised or exercised let alone treated nicely.

This is me by the pool, all clean and cared for.

Because of my behavioural problems my new parents decided to take me with them to Silver Coast Angelic Dog Training, where Sharon was able to guide Colin and Elaine in meeting my needs.

This is me with a hide bone; my Dad is putting another lawn in for me.

They have progressed really well with the training and are now much happier, with me being able to follow cues like sit, fetch, wait, down and stay to name a few. They even know now that I can return to a cue and can now mix with other dogs, although I still like doing other things sometimes, they accept I am an inidivdual.

This is me looking out on a whole new world, thanks Sharon X.

So to finish off I would like to say thank you Sharon for helping our family to be able to really enjoy each others company, as a dog I have really benefited from having a well-trained couple look after me and I can only offer the highest recommendations that other dogs with problems get their owners to your dog training sessions.

I look forward to our walks on Mondays and keep on reaping the rewards of the training that I have had for the past six months.

Thank you again Lucy aged 2 and a bit.

Me having a dog nap (Mum doesn't know I got on the couch). Well I was tired!