For those "Little Devils" of the dog world.

Does your dog get too excited or frustrated when out walking with you?

Is your dog unsure about the big wide world and finds it difficult to cope when out walking with you?

Would you like your dog to remain calm and attentive to you wherever you take them?

If yes this is the class for you and your dog.

The "Little Devils" class will teach you:

  • How to understand what your dog is trying to tell you and others.
  • How your dog learns.
  • How reinforcement and punishment works.
  • How easy it is to have a dog who does not respond to your cues as you would like.
  • Why things sometimes don't go to plan when you are training.
  • How to manage your dog in difficult/distracting situations.
  • How your behaviour influences your dogs behaviour.
  • How you can help your dog be calm and well behaved when out walking them.
  • To be aware of what you are actually training your dog, sometimes it is not what we think we are training.

The "Little Devils" class will teach you how to teach your dog:

  • To walk calmly around/past distractions (other dogs, people, traffic, joggers, cyclists etc.).
  • To pay attention to you around distractions.
  • To come when called around distractions.
  • To look at other dogs, people, wildlife etc. without reacting in an excitable or frustrating way and remain calm and focused on you.
  • To turn away from distractions in a calm manner and come with you.
  • To sit/down stay until you release them when distractions are present.
  • To greet people and other dogs politely, in an appropriate manner.
  • To go and investigate scary things with out feeling worried.
  • To allow you and other people to touch them without being concerned (this helps them for visiting the Vets).
  • To allow you to groom them and clip their nails.
  • To allow you to restrain them calmly and quietly (again helps for when the Vet wants to check them over).
  • To settle and relax.
  • To remain calm around food and not beg.
  • To play with you appropriately.

Basically a class to teach you how to teach your dog to be sociable and have good manners at home and wherever you take them.

Class: Tuesdays 11am

Cost: €7 per dog

Tel: 915558946 to check if these classes are suitable for your dog and to book a place in these classes.

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