Our dogs natural pace is much faster than our own, making it very easy for us to reinforce our dogs for pulling us along as we continue to move forward with them.

Walking on a lead is not about them staying glued to your side, they need to be able to enjoy the walk too and be able to be a dog. Our dogs can learn to walk with us keeping the lead loose allowing them the freedom at times to investigate smells and gather information about the environment, which is essential for their mental health.

Why take the time to teach your dog to walk nicely on the lead?

Walking will be much more enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Having a dog who wants to walk with you is lot more fun than being pulled down the street!

You will be more likely to take your dog for a walk.

You will both be much calmer, building an even better bond between you.

Your dog is less likely to be highly aroused.

Can help avoid any lunging towards other people or dogs passing by.

Can help avoid any lunging towards bicycles, joggers etc.

It is a must as far as their health is concerned, avoiding any damage to their neck, spine and thyroid gland from pulling or lunging on the lead.

Some reasons why dogs pull on the lead?

It's reinforcing for them.

It's not nice or enjoyable to walk close to you.

It is painful and difficult to breathe due to a tight collar from pulling but rather than stop pulling many dogs pull more to try to escape the pressure.

You yell, grab them etc. when they are close to you, so they try to get away from you.

Your dog is stressed or anxious.

They will be looking for a way out of the area and find it difficult to walk slowly and concentrate.

There are too many distractions going on for your dog.

Your dog is excited by the distractions or about where they are going to on their walk.

Teaching your dog to choose to walk with you keeping their lead loose is actually quite easy to do, however what we do can make it more challenging to teach.

If you would like your dog to choose to walk with you and find you a very important part of walking on the lead please contact me.